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The Arizona Foundation for Victims of Police Abuse was founded in 2017 in the wake of ever-increasing reported incidences of police overreach in Arizona. We feel that too often, many Arizonans do not care or bother to research these cases. A 2016 study found that Arizona had the 4th highest rate of police officer killings when compared to all other states that year. That number is more than the people killed by police in Illinois (home of Chicago) and New York (home of NYC) COMBINED in 2016. A recent report from Maricopa Country's Sheriff's office showed that on average there are about 6,000 inmates awaiting trial in Maricopa county, many with bail lower than $1,000.

With that in mind, we are an organization primarily focused on fee-free bail assistance for victims of police abuse. We are also committed to assisting low-income Arizonans who are in jail simply because they cannot afford to pay for bail.



We want to spread awareness about the incidences of police abuse in Arizona. These unnecessary and preventable encounters often affect the poorest and most vulnerable members of society who lack the monetary or social influence necessary to have their story heard. They deserve a voice as much as anyone else who has the been a victim of a crime and we are committed to providing that voice.

We want to educate citizens about their rights as they relate to police encounters.

Your donations fund a staff that reaches out and provides support such as legal advice, bail relief, and financial assistance to this under-served community.  

Bail Relief


Research from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation shows low-risk defendants are increasingly likely to be arrested again the longer they’re in jail. When compared with defendants who are in jail for one day or less, those in jail for 2-3 days are 39 percent more likely to be arrested again, those in jail for 4-7 days are 50 percent more likely, and those in jail for 8-14 days are 56 percent more likely. 

This study shows just how much public good it would do if we can get low-risk offenders the bail relief they need so they can get back to their families and jobs. 

No matter what side of the political spectrum you land on, we hope you agree that the less time a presumed innocent person spends in jail, the better. In a job world where you can be fired for missing one day of work, an unexpected arrest can mean the end of gainful employment. Not to mention that the longer a person spends in jail, the more of a tax burden they are. By assisting with bail relief, we hope to lower recidivism and "failure to appear" rates across the state as quickly as possible. 

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